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Our Services

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Mothers Help is designed to lighten the load around your home. 

We are a parent's assistant, to tackle those chores, responsibilities, errands and life-admin tasks which you simply don't have time for. 

Give yourself the gift of mental freedom.

At Mothers Help we recognise that a young household never stops. Rarely do things get put away where they belong, and so many of us simply have too many things in the home to get organised. 

We recognise that a tidy, orderly home promotes peace among the family. Our services have changed the way families interact with one-another.


Our service provides you with the mental freedom to get on with your week without an overloaded 'to-do list'. 

Every family's needs and priorities differ. Every home requires different attention. Our passionate team tailors their service to suit your specific needs.  See our Packages below.

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Care & Support

Our main goal is to provide care & support to our clients who are feeling overwhelmed.  Our mother's helpers are experienced in supporting parents at all stages of their parenting journey.


Daily Spruce Up!

Whilst we are not a professional cleaning company, our service is to take the daily burden of keeping your home orderly. We come in after the breakfast rush, to undertake a full home reset! We tidy surfaces, and bring order to the home ready for your evening routine.


Declutter and Organise

Organise the chaos of your busy home with the support of a Mothers Helper. At Mothers Help we understand that parents rarely have the time to tend to additional tasks around the home. Engage a mother's helper to create a more efficient home. 

* Note: Please be aware the client will be required to provide cleaning equipment and chemicals / natural products for the Helper to use.


Terms and Conditions apply to all Mothers Help sessions - please see T&Cs on website, or in our Service Agreement. Mothers Help does not provide cleaning products and equipment.



Our goal is to leave you feeling refreshed and accomplished, by undertaking housekeeping tasks such as; laundry, dishes, tidying and organising bedrooms, linen changes, vacumming and mopping. We aren't equipped for deep cleans. See Note* 


Child Minding

All our Mothers Helpers are caring people with years of experience looking after children, in a personal or professional setting. They also have Police Checks, Working with Children and First Aid Certificates. 

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How We Differ

Ever thought, "Quick! Clean up for the cleaner!" 

Mothers Help is unlike a residential cleaning company. We are not equipped with the time or equipment to undertake deep household cleans.


Our focus is to keep your household on track from week to week. We suggest a deep clean with your preferred  cleaning agency once a month or once a quarter depending on your needs. 

We are also not a nanny agency, but understand that sometimes mums need a break to pop to the post office, run an errand, get a coffee, or to do school drop off. For that reason, we we offer short bursts of child minding support.

Our service does not include any heavy lifting, working at heights or with animals (e.g. dog walking). 

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A service too good to be true?

Our services constantly receive 5-star reviews and amazing feedback.

You can be part of our regular service, and lift the weight of managing your home responsibilities with us. 


We value your time. 

Your career time.

Your free time.

Your family time.


We value your freedom.

Freedom with friends.

Freedom to be alone sometimes. 

Freedom to enjoy your family.

Mental Health

Spread the overwhelm.

Delegate what you can't do.

Outsource the juggle.

Release the mental load.

2023 Pricing Updates

Starting from $52 with a minimum of 2 hours per session. 

It is always our intention to find the most nearby Mother's Helper to provide your service. However, this is not always possible. If a Travel Fee is required to support our team with travel costs, this will be discussed at time of quote.

Organisation and Declutter often requires storage solution. We are able to recommend and course these on your behalf, for a flat fee of $45 + the price of the storage solutions (approved by you).

Thanks for an amazing year of the most helpful help a new mum of two could ask for!

You should know that your business is making a difference and helping families function, thrive and survive! 

Alexa Young, CA

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